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Dental Veneers from CHF 80/month

Choose number of Veneers

2 veneers top
2 veneers top
4 veneers top
6 veneers top
8 veneers top
12 veneers top
2 veneers bottom
2 veneers bottom
4 veneers bottom
6 veneers bottom
8 veneers bottom
12 veneers bottom

From 6 pieces only CHF 700 per additional Veneer

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CHF 500 off combined with the Aligner treatment

Veneers costs – all inclusive

Dental assistance

from the first appointment to the final check-up

10-year guarantee

on the material of your Veneers

The smile of your dreams

customisable in shape and colour until you are satisfied

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3D scan and consultation


Your consultation and your 3D scan are free. If you need a panoramic X-ray before starting your treatment, we will be happy to take one for you for CHF 150.


Your treatment plan

CHF 100

If you decide to start your treatment, you pay a one-off fee of CHF 100 for the creation of your treatment plan. When you start treatment or if you are not suitable for treatment, this amount will be credited back to you.


Your Veneer treatment

from CHF 4,800

We will discuss your upcoming treatment during your second visit – including all costs.


Dental services


There are no additional costs during your treatment. The price you pay is exactly what we discuss together.


Best quality Veneers – swiss made

Our bestsmile Veneers are custom-made in our own production facility in Switzerland with high-quality ceramic. Best quality and precise work by specialists make bestsmile Veneers a long-term solution to give you the most beautiful smile.

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FAQ Veneers prices

How much do Veneers cost in Switzerland?


The cost of your Veneers depends on the number of Veneers needed. You can pay in flexible monthly instalments from CHF 80.

Will my health insurance provider cover the costs of my Veneer treatment?


Health insurance providers do not usually cover these costs, as veneer treatments are mostly cosmetic. In special cases, your bestsmile dentist will advise you of the possibility of reimbursement. (See the general provisions of dental treatments of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH available in German, French and Italian).

Veneers costs in Switzerland vs. veneers costs abroad


The cost of veneers in Switzerland and abroad may vary greatly. Treatments are often cheaper abroad. But the downside of these tempting prices is often bad quality and the standards of the dental services can also vary considerably. Treatment abroad does not include follow-up treatment, check-ups and professional advice during treatment. bestsmile customer Doaa had to go through this twice. Today, she finally has the smile of her dreams. Check out her impressive story and experience with abroad veneers here. For more information on teeth straightening and dental treatments abroad, read our related article in this topic.

What is the difference between bestsmile Veneers and Lumineers?


Lumineers can only correct minor cosmetic imperfections. Compared to Veneers, Lumineers are even thinner ceramic shells and are bonded without removing any enamel. They are also much more susceptible to possible damage. Generally speaking, they are somewhat cheaper than veneers. The cost of Lumineers also varies depending on the provider and the number of Lumineers required. bestsmile does not offer Lumineers, only high-quality veneers.

The finishing touch for your smile

After your treatment, there are other options to add the finishing touch to your smile. So you’ll not just have straight teeth, but also a flawless smile.

  • Gum correction before
    Gum correction after

    Laser treatment

    To beautify your gums and correct your labial frenulum. The final touch for your new smile.

    from CHF 200

  • Grinding guard

    Night Guard

    The grinding guard protects your teeth and relieves your jaw muscles while you sleep.

    from CHF 500

  • Dental bridge


    To fill the gap left by one or more missing teeth and to make your smile even more harmonious.

    from CHF 3,000

  • Finishing dental treatment before
    Finishing dental treatment after


    Thanks to finishing, we can remove even the smallest remaining imperfections after treatment.

    from CHF 300

Impressive results with dental Veneers

  • Veneers before after
    Veneers treatment after
  • Veneers upper jaw before after
    After Veneers
  • Veneers before and after
    veneers upper and lower jaw before after

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