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What is a tooth gap?

Gaps between teeth – known in medicine as a diastema – bother many people. Having a tooth gap means that there is empty space in your bite, often in the upper jaw, and can be caused by various factors.

Tooth gaps, also known as diastema

A diastema is often caused by a labial frenulum that is set too low, which prevents the incisors from fully coming together.

It is often recommended to split the frenulum either surgically or with a laser. This is a routine procedure that only takes a few minutes. It is not painful and heals quickly. If the gap is caused by a misalignment between the width of the teeth and the jaws or by missing teeth, it is usually not necessary to remove the frenulum.

A gap between the two front teeth, usually in the upper jaw, is relatively common in children and adolescents and is known as a diastema mediale.

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Causes of tooth gaps

  • Low-hanging frenulum
  • Teeth that are too small for the size of the jaw
  • Different sized teeth
  • Jaw is too wide compared to the width of the teeth
  • Malocclusion
  • Missing teeth, e.g., tooth loss or missing teeth

Why close tooth gaps?

Many people find that having a gap between your front teeth isn't very beautiful. If a tooth gap is attributable to missing teeth, or if the gap is particularly large, various health problems may occur.


  • Risk of having an improper bite due to teeth not touching each other properly
  • Problems with biting, chewing and digestion
  • Jaw joint paint, muscle tension, headaches


  • If several gaps are next to each other: lips aren't supported and can collapse

Everyday issues

  • Speech impairment (lisping)
  • Disrupted chewing ability

How Aligners fix tooth gaps

In most cases, tooth gaps can be corrected with removable braces. How it works:

  • Every 2 weeks you switch to a new Aligner tray.

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    Each Aligner tray pushes the teeth slightly more in the desired direction.

  • Your gap will be closed in 3 to 12 months.

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Tooth gaps – before and after

  • Closing tooth gaps – before and after
  • Closing tooth gaps – before and after
  • Closing tooth gaps – before and after

Advantages of bestsmile Aligner:

Removable at any time
Barely visible and discreet
Fast results
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How Veneers correct tooth gaps

A gap between the front teeth can also be corrected with thin ceramic shells known as Veneers. How it works:

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    We use a 3D scan to create a preview of your new smile (Smile Design)

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    You choose the shape and colour yourself, and our specialised dentists will advise you so that your Veneers are a perfect fit. Your temporary Veneers allow you to preview your new smile ahead of time.

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    The final Veneers will be produced exactly to your wishes

Advantages of bestsmile Veneers:

Wafer-thin and gentle
Best materials – swiss made
Long-lasting results with 10-year guarantee
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Tooth gaps FAQs

Can tooth gaps be closed and corrected without braces?

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In many cases, adults can fix their tooth gaps without braces by using a bridge or even Veneers. Children who are transitioning from their baby teeth to their adult teeth often have their gaps closed naturally once all their adult teeth have come in.

Does health insurance cover treatment for gapped teeth?

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This depends on the severity of the malocclusion and the terms of your insurance policy. You should contact your insurer directly for more information.

How long does it take to close a gap between teeth?

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The length of your treatment always depends on your starting point and the chosen treatment method. Aligner treatment will take around 3 and 12 months; Veneers, around 1 month.

Which treatment methods can successfully close a tooth gap?

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  • Aligners
  • Conventional braces
  • Dental composite
  • Veneers
  • Bridges


Composite – a tooth-coloured filling material – can be used to artificially widen the tooth surface. The actual tooth is extended with dental composite to close the gap(s).

Conventional braces

Conventional braces with brackets can also close gaps between teeth without needing to use any dental restorations like crowns, bridges or dental implants. This treatment takes several months.


Depending on the size of the gap, transparent bestsmile Aligner trays can quickly and discreetly close gaps between teeth. Your bestsmile dentist will tell you whether, and to what extent, our clear braces can close the gaps between your teeth.


bestsmile Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells that can permanently cover small gaps in relation to neighbouring teeth. This method is especially good for closing gaps between the front teeth. If the gaps are too big or asymmetric, a brief treatment with an Aligner might be necessary beforehand. The custom-made Veneers are then attached to the existing teeth. The size, shape and colour can be individually tailored for a harmonious natural smile.

How much does it cost to close gaps between teeth?

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Transparent braces are available starting at CHF 3,490 or in instalment payments starting at CHF 70 per month.

Our ultra-thin Veneers are available from CHF 80 per month. The price varies depending on how many Veneers you need to close the gap and achieve a harmonious natural smile. You can schedule a free consultation with our expert dentists and find out which treatment method is best for you, along with the costs.

Why choose bestsmile?

Dental expertise

Our specialist medical staff will be with you and advise you free of charge during every step of the way over the course of your treatment.

swiss made

All bestsmile products are custom-made in our own production facility in Switzerland.

10-year guarantee

We take responsibility for your result and we give you a 10-year guarantee.

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