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She is happy with her gap-free smile

Until a year ago, Melissa was known to have a visible gap between her incisors. Everyone liked her and said it suited her type. But Melissa was bothered by it and wanted to close the gap between her teeth with the transparent bestsmile Aligner. Melissa already noticed the first changes in the first weeks. During her treatment, nobody noticed that she was wearing Aligners. After only 4.5 months, she successfully completed her treatment and is now happy with the smile she has always wanted.

The treatment

Aligners upper jaw

9 Aligners

Aligners lower jaw

0 Aligners


4.5 months

Melissa with a tooth gap


Melissas´ tooth gap has been closed


The successful treatment of Melissa

Melissa before
Melissa after

Before getting the bestsmile treatment, Melissa instinctively covered her mouth with her hand when she laughed. The gap between her teeth prevented her from smiling openly. Today her smile is radiant, she is proud of her teeth and feels more self-confident.

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